Air-heated Parking Heater

We are professional manufacturer of parking heater and heater parts for 30 years, in China, we provide our products to Chinese military vehicle. It can represent the best quality in China, moreover we are the only designated parking heater supplier for Chinese military vehicle.
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Product Details

Nanfeng air heater has two advantages: multi-function and low energy consumption. Due to its compact structure, the air heating heater can be quickly installed inside or outside the car. The heater can quickly heat the interior of the vehicle and the cargo compartment without generating any noise, while keeping the temperature of each working environment at a constant level. Users can choose circulating air or fresh air mode. The 2kw air heater has the characteristics of low energy consumption, easy maintenance, and low maintenance cost.

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Product advantages

Fuel saving: save nearly 30% of fuel consumption compared with idling hot cars

Car saving: avoid cold start, extend engine life by more than 30%

Worry-free: warm up your car in advance to avoid coldness in the south and cold in the north

Technology data

Heating mediumAir
Fuel consumption(/h)0.28-0.10
Heater air flow rate without counterpressure(kg/h)105
Rated voltage12 or 24 volt
Main dimensions


Air heater control method

rotary controller.jpg

Mini rotary controller

Digital controller.jpg

Digital controller


Air heater uses light diesel or gasoline as fuel. After adding a heat exchanger, the hot air is sent to the carriage, storage equipment, cabin, etc. through a fan to achieve the purpose of heating and defrosting.This heater is optional for gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles with a rated voltage of 12v or 24v. Air heaters are widely used in all kinds of occasions with high heating requirements and rapid heating. All types of cockpits, equipment compartments, and cabins that require compact installation and low heat generation can meet the requirements of various large-scale equipment that requires greater heat generation. At the same time, it can also be used for defrosting and heating of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, vans, trucks, and engineering vehicles in harsh and cold environments.


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