5kw Parking Air Heater Similar To Eberspacher

5kw Parking Air Heater Similar To Eberspacher

The heater is a kind of volatile and atomizing air heater, which is relatively independent of the engine system. Using 12v/24V DC power supply, fully automatic process control. Light diesel fuel can start and operation in the environment of -40°C normally .Heater breathe fresh air at ambient temperature, and the use of the heat generated by the combustion of diesel, which is heated by a heat exchanger to warm air, blown to where it is needed.
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5kw Parking Air Heater For Truck  Similar To Eberspacher

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Technichal data

Power (Watt)5000
Fuel consumption (/h)0.51-0.11
Heater air flow rate without counterpressure(kgh)185
Main dimensions376X140×150
Rated voltage12 or24 volt

The controller

remote control (2).jpg
rotary controller.jpg

Installation and location 

The heater is suitable and certified for installation in parts of vehicles used by persons.

Installation in the cab or passenger compartments of coaches or buses with more than 9 seats is not allowed.

When installing in compartments used by persons, the exhaust, combustion air and fuel pipes in these areas must not have any detachable connections and must be routed splash-waterproof in the breakthroughs. For this reason, the heater can be mounted with its foot using the flange seal in the foot to the vehicle floor or to an outer wall of the vehicle.

The electronic control is integrated in the heater which makes wiring during installation much easier.

Please note!

When installing the heater, always make sure there is sufficient clearance left for intake of the heater air and for dismantling the glow plug and controller(see page 15"main dimensions")

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