5KW Gasoline Air Parking Heater

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Product Details

5KW gasoline air parking heater

The main equipment of Model 5KW air parking heater (hereinafter referred to as the heater) is a small fuel furnace controlled by a single-chip micro- processor. Its furnace body (the heat exchanger) is located in the hood-shape case, which serves as independent air passage. Cold air is sucked into the air passage by the heat supplying fan and blown out when it becomes hot, so as to form another heating system that is to the original heating systemof the vehicles. In such a way, heat can be supplied by the heater to driver's cab and passengers'compartment no matter the engine is working or not working.

gasoline air heater

Technology data

Heat Power (W)


Rated Voltage 12V/24V
Fuel Consumption0.19~0.66
Rated Power Consumption (W)15~90
Working (Environment) Temperature-40℃~+20℃
Weight of Main Heater (kg)5.9
Dimensions (mm)425×148×162
Mobile phone control(Optional)No limitation
Remote control(Optional)Without obstacles≤800m
Working height above sea level ≤1500m

Scope of application

Suitable for heating and heat preservation of various vehicles such as trucks, medium-sized passenger cars, and electric cars.

Product advantages

1. Silent operation guarantees your comfortable driving;

2. Independent stepless heating capacity with excellent performance;

3. Perfect and simple control device;

4. The compact shape is easy to install on any vehicle;

5. The diagnostic function significantly reduces the repair time.

Working principle

The heating system uses gasoline as fuel. After adding a heat exchanger, the hot air is sent to the compartments and storage equipment through a fan to achieve the purpose of heating and defrosting.

Heater parts show


Power Supply

Heater power leads (positive and negative line) must be connected to the12 V/ 24 V battery directly. Battery more than 2 years which lack of electric frequently should be changed a new one in order to ensure normal use of the heater.

Fuel Supply

The fuel for the heater can be from the fuel tank in the car or from optional 5L independent fuel tank. The fuel pump is used for transmission of fuel and regulation of supply quantity of fuel.

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