Air Parking Heater Altitude Less Than 5500 M

Our Air Parking heaters works independently of an engine. With a capacity to operate well at an elevated heights of up to 5500 meters, they can find their scope in all kinds of vehicles (8 seater or less), construction machinery, agricultural machinery, marines and camper vans.
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Air Parking Heater Altitude Less Than 5500 M


1.The parking heater that uses air as a heating medium, works primarily for driver’s compartment heating and demisting of windows

2.It can work equally well for freight storage at your desired elevated temperatures

3.For tourism, it can be a life savior by keeping your camper vans warm


1.Its scope should never be mixed with a normal heater that is deemed to heat your room, garage or any large space continuously

2.It should not be used for drying applications like normal blow dryers


Heating mediumAir
Fuel consumptionl/h0.18-0.48
Rated voltageV12V / 24V
Working temperature(℃)-50℃—45

Why Us?

1.With 30 years of professional experience, our company Hebei Nanfeng Automobile Equipment Group Co. LTD., is the largest manufacturer and exporter of 2 KW Air Heater

2.Our 2 KW Air Heater is CE Certified. Europe's highest quality standard certificate

3.With top notch quality and superb packaging, we are always keen to ship you goods safely, in a least possible lead time

4.Each unit will give you 12 months of official warranty and we will ensure your life time after sales services to cater all your technical glitches in the future

5.Incase of any spare parts failure due to any accident or repeated misuse, we will always be here to provide you, your desired range of spare parts

6.Our 2 KW Air Heater, comes with most advanced rotary and digital controllers

7.We manufacture this 2 KW air heater for Chinese military as well

Application field of Air heater

5kw air parking heater is not affected by the engine ,and it is supplied for the following vehicles with corresponding power.

1. All kinds of auto and trailers.

2. Construction machinery

3. Agricultural machinery

4. Boat, ship, yacht

5. Caravan

Main heater installation

The main heater could be installed both inside and outside of the vehicle. If the heater is installed outside the vehicle, measures must be taken to avoid splashing water onto the heater. Enough space must be provided for installation for the convenience of heating air flow and installation,maintenance of the main heater.


After the installation, the remote control 5kw air parking heater shall be turned on repeatedly for a few times to make the fuel tube full-filled, so as to avoid staring failure due to lacking fuel.


During the running of air parking heater, it tests and checks the operating state and fault in the whole course, and the controller shows fault codes on the LCD constantly

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