We are one of the biggest suppliers of Chinese bus heater . With more than 30 years’ experience in manufacturing and selling heater,moreover we are the only designated parking heater supplier for Chinese military vehicle.
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Heater application 

Heater work independent to engine, Suitable for:

1.any kind of vehicle,trailer

2.construction machinery

3.farm oriented machinery

4.boat、ferry and yacht 


mode1XL-AIR D3
Heating mediumair 
Heating gradegrade
Heat output(w)superhighmiddlelowoff
Air flux(kg/h)300022001600900-
Fuel consumption(1/h)150120906024
Power consumption(w)0.380.280.20.11-
Power voltage12V or 24V
Low voltage limited10.5V or 21V
High voltage limited16V or 32V
Environment temprunningstop
Heater-40℃ to +70℃-40℃ to +85℃
Dose pump-40℃ or +50℃-40℃ or 125℃
Air intake temperatureHighest +40℃

Around 4Kg



2.heat and keep warm

-cabin,work shop

-Cargo space

-Bus or mini bus RV 

Not allowed:

1.keep running for long time:

-Install in bedroom or in garage-Boat cabin while people live in

2.using for heating or dry:



-Tank or container

Safety for install and operation

1.location of heater installed 

Avoid using heater in temperature Sensitive environment

2.exhaust system

install outlet of fume in this way: That fume cannot floats in cabin by window or door

3.burner air intake 

Not draw air for burner from inside cabin Not blocking burner air intake

4.circling air intake 

Circling air should be fresh air form inside cabin,And from clean area Must protect the air inlet with guard fence

5.circling hot air outlet 

when install circling air pipe, should wel1 protected from temperature sensitive parts.

6.exhaust pipe 

avoid touching combustible material 

7.Safety knowledge

· not allowed:

-change heater principal parts.

-use parts not confirm by dealer.

-should fellow manual when install.

· only use parts provide by dealer

· not use heater in dust environment keep away when running heater:

-fuel storage

-charcoal storage

-lumber storage

-barn or alike

·turn off heater before go into gas station ,if fuel leak from heater, Turn off heater at once and contact dealer

· when heater is running, Must not stop it by power cut off

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