Water Pump For 5kw Webasto Heater

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water pump for 5kw webasto heater

The function of the automobile circulating water pump is to pressurize the coolant to ensure that it circulates in the cooling system. In layman's terms, it continuously circulates the water through the radiator and the engine block to take away heat to ensure that the engine is not hot.

In the cylinder block of a car engine, there is a water channel for cooling water circulation, which is connected to the radiator (commonly known as water tank) placed at the front of the car through a water pipe to form a large water circulation system. The water outlet on the engine is installed There is a water pump, driven by the fan belt, to pump out the hot water in the engine block waterway and pump in the cold water.

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180 degree04.jpg

There is a thermostat next to the water pump. When the car is just started (cold car), it is not turned on, so that the cooling water does not pass through the water tank, but only circulates in the engine (commonly known as the small cycle), until the engine temperature reaches 80 degrees When the engine is turned on, the hot water in the engine is pumped into the water tank, and the cold wind blows through the water tank when the car is moving forward, taking away the heat. This is roughly how it works.

The automobile circulating water pump is used to drive the coolant to circulate, and only the coolant can be circulated to cool the engine. The function of the water pump is to pressurize the coolant flowing through the radiator and send it into the cylinder water jacket to facilitate the flow of cooling water.


Applicable heater5kw water parking heater
Rated voltage(V)12
Power sourceElectric
Operating temperature(℃)-40~+120
BrandSouth Wind
Place of originHebei, China
Warranty1 year



The product is individually packaged, and the import and export are equipped with a transparent plastic protective cover

The outer surface of the product is flat and smooth, without scratches, pores, flash, tearing and other defects


Operating temperature: -40~+120℃

Low temperature -40 degrees, heat preservation for 8 hours, start within 30 seconds, the head is 1 meter at 0 flow.

Start at high temperature +80 degrees, the head is 2.5 meters at 0 flow

Under 0.4MPa, there is no air leakage when the pressure is maintained for 1 minute

Under 8~6V voltage (rated voltage 12V), the test maximum flow rate is not less than 18L/min (normal temperature)

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