ID08-42 Glow Pin 12V

Hebei Nanfeng Automobile Equipment (Group) Co.,Ltd is a Chinese parking heater manufacturer.In China we provide it to Chinese military vehicle, it can represent the highest level of quality in Chinese parking heaters.
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ID08-42 Glow Pin 12V

ID08-42 Glow Pin 12V Technical Data

TypeGlow pinSizeStandard
MaterialSiliconOE NO.84906B
Rated Voltage(V)8Current(A)5.2-6.9
Weight14gWarranty1 year
Car MakeAll diesel engine vehicles
UsageSuit for Webasto air top 2000 12V

ID08-42 plug


This type of products using silicon nitride ceramic matrix heat source with tungsten wire, tungsten wire embedded in silicon nitride matrix, formed by hot pressing sintering and grinding, welding wire, which made ignition element.


Suitable for parking heater. For heating, spark ignition sensor vehicle auxiliary heating heating in cold areas,can quickly make the fuel gasification, ignition, combustion. Therefore, after the engine starts soon, as well as idle stop, the car temperature can rise rapidly.

Air heater failure caused by glow plug

1.The ignition plug is not connected properly

Troubleshooting method: check whether the plug-in is properly connected and the lead is loose, if so, please re-plug it.

2.The lead wire of the glow plug is shorted or open

Troubleshooting method: Use a multimeter to check whether the lead wire of the ignition plug is short-circuited or open. If so, please repair or replace it

3.Damaged glow plug

Troubleshooting method: Use a multimeter to check the resistance value between the two leads of the ignition plug. The resistance value should be between 1-4 ohms. If it is not in this range, please replace it.


The flashing of the car parking air heater failure indicator light only indicates the reason for the heater failure and shutdown, and does not mean that the component is damaged. You can try to restart the heater.After the parking heater malfunctions, the malfunction should be eliminated before starting.

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