Suit to Eberspacher Parts Supplier Fuel Pump Airtronic D2 D4 Replacement 12V 24V

Suitable for: Eberspacher Airtronic D2 D4 D4S Heater 12V 24V
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XW02 Fuel Pump 12V/24V


Suitable for:  Eberspacher Airtronic D2 D4 D4S Heater 12V 24V

XW02 fuel pump technical data

Working voltage

DC24V, voltage range 21V-30V, coil resistance value 21.5±1.5Ω at 20℃

Working frequency

1hz-10hz, turning on time is 30ms every working cycle, working frequency is the power-off time for controlling fuel pump (turning on time of fuel pump is constant)

Fuel types

Motor gasoline, kerosene, motor diesel

Working temperature

-40℃~25℃ for diesel, -40℃~20℃ for kerosene

Installation position

Horizontal installation, included angle of fuel pump’s center line and horizontal pipe is less than ±5°

Fuel flow

22ml per thousand, flow error at ±5%

Suction distance

More than 1m. Inlet tube is less than 1.2m, outlet tube is less than 8.8m, relating to inclining angle during working

Inner diameer


Fuel filtration

Bore diameter of filtration is 100um

Service life

More than 50 million times (testing frequency is 12hz, adopting motor gasoline, kerosene and motor diesel)

Salt spray test

More than 240h

Oil inlet pressure

-0.2bar~.3bar for gasoline, -0.3bar~.4bar for diesel

Oil outlet pressure

0 bar~0.3 bar



Auto absorbing

More than 15 min

Error level


Voltage classification





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