GP08-45 Glow Pin 12V

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GP08-45 Glow Pin 12V

The glow pin is an on-board heater. The fuel heating system is used to ignite diesel oil. It is used with a resistor and has a certain life. Nanfeng adopts Japan's high-quality Kyocera ignition plugs to ensure the quality of your heaters!

TypeGlow pin 

Silicon nitride

Rated voltage(v)8
Car makeAll diesel engine vehicles
OE Number252069011300
Warranty1 year
UsageSuit for Eberspacher Airtronic D2,D4,D4S 12V

GP08-45 GLOW

Process: This type of product uses silicon nitride ceramic as the base body, tungsten wire as the heating source, and the tungsten wire is buried in the silicon nitride base body. The tungsten wire is formed into a whole through the hot pressing and sintering process, and then is ground and welded to make Ignition element.

Purpose: Suitable for parking heater. In cold areas, heating elements and spark sensors used for ignition of vehicle auxiliary heaters use silicon nitride heating elements to quickly vaporize, ignite and burn fuel. Therefore, shortly after the engine is started, and when idling stops, the temperature inside the vehicle can also rise rapidly.

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