Glow Plug For Parking Heater

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Glow plug for parking heater

This type of product uses silicon nitride ceramic as the base body and tungsten wire as the heating source. The tungsten wire is buried in the silicon nitride base body, and is formed into a whole through the hot pressing sintering process, and then is ground and welded to make the ignition element. .


Purpose: Suitable for parking heater. In cold areas, heating elements and spark sensors used for ignition of vehicle auxiliary heaters use silicon nitride heating elements to quickly vaporize, ignite and burn fuel. Therefore, shortly after the engine is started, and when idling stops, the temperature inside the vehicle can also rise rapidly.

Technology data 

                                                            GP08-45 Glow Plug 12V
TypeGlow pinSizestandard
MaterialSilicon nitrideOE NO.252069011300
Rated voltage(V)8Current(A)8-9
Weight30gWarranty1 year
Car Makeall diesel engine vehicles
Usagesuit for eberspacher Airtronic D2,D4,D4S 12V

Performance characteristics:

Small size and light weight; excellent thermal performance, fast heating speed, good low temperature start performance; excellent electrical insulation performance; use high-performance silicon nitride material as the base material, excellent oxidation resistance, long service life; strong high temperature strength

Application scope:

It is widely used in high-speed diesel engines, high-temperature ignition devices, petroleum-based medium ignition, gas ignition, burner ignition, preheater ignition, etc.

How does the parking heater work and operate:

1. Use the remote control, mobile phone or digital timer to start the parking heater.

2. After the device is activated, the metering pump will deliver fuel from the fuel tank to the heater.

3. After the glow plug in the heater is energized, it starts heating, and at the same time introduces the surrounding air into the heater.

4. The fuel is vaporized through the glow plug. When the required temperature is reached, the oil-air mixture will be ignited.

5. The cooling liquid flows through the heater, and then is pumped to the cooling liquid circulation after heating.

6. The hot water enters the radiator of the car, and then the warm air is blown directly into the compartment by the fan.

7. Hot water flows from the car radiator to the engine while heating the engine.

8. After the heated coolant returns to the heater, the circulation starts again.

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