You Deserve To Have A High-voltage Electric Defroster For New Energy Buses

- Sep 22, 2020-

You deserve to have a high-voltage electric defroster for new energy buses

CS Series Automotive Defrosters

It connects itself with the the coolant circulation system of the heater or engine. Firstly it changes the coolant with high temperature from the system into hot wind through heat exchange water tank. Then through the defrosting route it blows the hot wind to the inner part of the wind screen to defrost or demist.

It can be divided into various types: the internal circulation, the external circulation and both inner and outer circulation( manual or electrical wind door). There are three gears: high, low and no gears.


Technology data

Motor Power170W
Exhaust Air Rate900m³/h

it is suitable in the wide space of the gauge board of large and middle scale vehicles with high defrost requirement.

Thermal Flow7.5KW(At 80℃ of water temperature)