Working Principle And Product Advantages

- May 10, 2018-

Working Principle
This heating system uses the gas or diesel as the fuel,after heat the exchanger,the hot air through the air blower,arrives to the compartment ,storehouse equipment,therefore, achieve the purpose that heats and removes the frost to them.
Scope of Application
The heater can be applied for heating the cab of the freight vehicles,vans,storage battery cars and all kinds of other vehicle
Get into a cosy warm car and enjoy the benefits of a  parking heater 
Usually, in winter, when people use the car, they start the automobile, pre-heat the engine several minutes, after the car is warm people drive it.Or people use the other independent auxiliary heating method or use the city electricity to pre-heat the car.  But there are some disadvantages. For example, the car can?t start, so the problem of coldness of the cab at first several minutes can't be solved.  
Car parking-heater hardly have the short comings, pre-heat the engine can reduce 90% waste gas emissions, and environmental protection, raise the fuel efficient greatly, use the car parking heater is also very economic,equals about 10% of the fuel of starting the engine, achieve the similar heating effect.  
This parking heater is a set independent fuel heating system, via high-tech intelligent control, you can preheat car engine and cab without starting engine, reduce the abrasion to engine due to cold starting, prolong the working life of engine, and make a comfortable driving space.
Product Advantages
1. Pleasant sound operation make your drive comfortable.
2. Excellent independent stepless heating capability.
3. Perfect and easy control set.
4. Compact dimensions can be installed on any vehicles .
5. Diagnosis function reduces the maintenance time.