With The Parking Heater, Say Goodbye To The Cold

- Sep 01, 2020-

The parking heater uses water circulation to heat the engine and the interior of the cab by burning the fuel of the vehicle, and solves the problem of frosting on the windows. In a severe cold environment, the cabin can be heated to 20 degrees, which means that not only the temperature in the cabin is comfortable, but the vehicle engine is also warmed up. The abnormal wear, fuel consumption, and environmental damage caused by the cold start of the engine can be solved to the greatest extent, and the trouble of not having a garage is also eliminated. When parking and waiting, turn off the engine and turn on the parking heater to maintain the temperature in the car.

1. Protect the engine and minimize damage

The engine is the core component of a car, which directly affects the performance of the car. In our north, starting a car at minus 20°C will cause great damage to the engine. However, preheating in advance can minimize the damage caused by the cold start of the engine. According to data, under the conditions of 40℃ and 80℃, the former is 5 times as much as the latter!

2kw 12/24v air parking heater

2kw 12/24v air parking heater

2. Really save money

Many car owners are feeling that having a good parking space is even more difficult than buying a house, let alone a garage. Car rental garage? So hard! Buy a garage? Expensive and difficult! Most parking preheaters can heat the car water temperature for half an hour to reach about 70°C. From the perspective of cost loss, the parking heater consumes low fuel consumption, and the vehicle only needs about 0.1 liters of gasoline or diesel for heating.

3. Protect the environment, save energy and health

The cold start of the engine requires a richer mixture, resulting in higher fuel consumption. At the same time, the three-way catalytic converter also needs to be heated before it can function. It also requires hotter exhaust gas to reach the temperature required for operation. Therefore, as much as 80% of hydrocarbon emissions occur within two minutes after the engine is started. The vehicle starts quickly after warming up, and the emissions of carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and other compounds can be reduced by about 50%!

2kw 12/24v air parking heater

2kw 12/24v air parking heater

4. Save time and be more comfortable

The parking heater is generally controlled remotely via a mobile phone text message or APP, and the sleeping engine can be awakened only about half an hour in advance. There is no need to go to the car to warm up in the cold winter morning, and there is no need to worry about family members getting frozen in the car during holidays.

5. Safer on the road

In cold weather, when the temperature inside the car is low, the windows are most susceptible to frost and icing, which hinders the line of sight and is the most likely to cause traffic accidents. Preheating the car can quickly start the warm air. When the temperature inside the car rises, the car frost can also quickly melt Dry, clearer vision and safer driving.