Why Parking Heater Cleaning

- Feb 18, 2017-

Parking heater is the main heat exchanger, so in the parking heater also needs to be cleaned, then why should clean it?

Standing car heater core problem is hot exchange of efficiency and using life, if standing car heater of temperature over 80 degrees, electric auxiliary heating equipment on will up scale, effect electric auxiliary heating equipment hot exchange of efficiency and life of maximum factors of is scale problem, especially using life hot Shi, due to need constantly to filling into new water, and most area of water more hard, such on makes heat exchanger of scaling rate greatly increases.

Attached to the scale on the inner wall of the heat exchanger with continuous thickening, heat exchanger tube diameter and will become more and more thin, poor flow, not only increases the burden on water pump and heat exchanger, thermal efficiency is greatly reduced, increases power consumption mainly for parking heaters, heating inadequate heat, hot water, sanitary hot water cold symptoms such as reduced, so timely cleaning.