Why Is There Noise In The Car Air Conditioning System? —Car Air Conditioner Noise

- Aug 14, 2020-

The car air conditioner is very loud, but why the sound becomes normal when the inner loop is turned on?


1. Whether the exhaust window blades are loose;

2. Whether the driving belt of the air conditioner compressor is loose or worn;

3. Whether the air-conditioning compressor installation bolts are loose;

4. Listen carefully for noise from the air-conditioning compressor;

5. Air conditioner compressor wiring and solenoid valve.

car air conditioner F880


1. The compressor coil and solenoid valve are faulty;

2. The compressor liquid level is too low;

3. Fan fan failure;

4. If there is too much moisture in the system, the expansion valve will be noisy;

5. If the high-pressure side servo valve is closed, the compressor will produce knocking noise.