Why Does The Air Heater Produce Smoke Smell?

- Feb 08, 2018-

    As people's living standards continue to improve, air-heating heaters have been more and more adopted by the major bus depots to improve vehicle comfort. The warm air heater itself has a direct impact on the quality of passenger ride comfort. Warm wind heater heater output contains smoke smell, not only reduce the ride comfort, but also cause some damage to the passenger's body. So what is the specific reason why the wind-warm heaters have a smell of fumes it?

  (1)The quality of the heater of the warm air heater leads to the smell of fumes: taking into account the problem of rust prevention, most of the buckets of the air-warmed heater are made of stainless steel, so that it can only be argon arc welded. The disadvantage of this welding method is that the thickness, width and depth of the welding are not enough and the strength is weak, so the air tightness of the product can not be guaranteed, which leads to the soot smell entering the warm air duct. Heater work for some time, due to thermal expansion and contraction and vibration will lead to cracks in the weld, resulting in leakage, smoke smell in the compartment.

  (2) Assembly clearance gap leads to smoke smell: In the assembly process, taking into account the ease of installation, in the box on the floor to open the exhaust port, intake and drip pipe hole diameter, than the heater exhaust port , The diameter of the air inlet and drip pipe 1 ~ 2mm. If the gap of 1 ~ 2mm is not tight, it will lead to the smell of fumes into the car.

  (3) Design flaws lead to smoke smell: At present, the domestic wind heater heater pump installation design are mostly installed in the motor pump plate, the fan installed in the front of the pump. The disadvantage of this design is that it does not guarantee a complete seal of the pump. Once the diesel fuel leaks slightly, the fume smell will be blown directly into the warm air duct by the fan.