What To Do If The Car Heater Is Not Hot In Winter

- Oct 19, 2020-

What to do if the car heater is not hot in winter

Car heaters are indispensable in winter. Once there is a problem with car heaters, it will be very cold in the car, freezing hands and feet. Imagine if it is a private car, the temperature in the car is only a little higher than the outside, and the passengers in the car will be very cold. Sometimes the car owner will find that the car heater is just fine, but it doesn't get hot unconsciously. What to do if the car heater is not hot? Here is a brief analysis of the reason why the car heater is not hot.

First of all, the main accessories that affect the car heater are the following: blower, temperature sensor in the car, hot and cold air conversion flap motor, thermostat damage, and blockage of the small heater water tank. When you find that the heater is not hot, check the blower first to see if there is wind in the blower. If the blower is windy, check the temperature sensor in the car. Once this is broken, it is very troublesome. The entire center console needs to be disassembled. The maintenance cost is also very large and the time is relatively long. If there is no problem with the above three inspections, then start to check the thermostat, which needs to be disassembled for inspection. If the thermostat is removed for inspection, there is no problem, that is, the last small heating water tank, remove the water inlet pipe, check whether there is scale on the inner wall of the mouth, and connect a tap water pipe to check the water output. If the water flow is not smooth, it is usually the incomplete cleaning of the cooling pipe during summer maintenance.

This shows that the car’s usual maintenance is very important, especially in the cold winter. If there is a problem with the car heater, you need to brave the cold to repair it, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to yourself.