What Rre The Categories Of RV Air Conditioners?

- Aug 21, 2020-

RV air conditioners are roughly divided into two categories: driving air conditioners and parking air conditioners. The two can be distinguished from the name. The former is used during the driving of the RV, and the latter is used after arriving at the campsite.

1. Driving air conditioning

It is generally used in self-propelled RVs, that is, the air conditioner used in the driving process of the chassis part of the vehicle. Generally, it needs to be directly powered by the engine during driving, and the method of use is the same as that of the air conditioner on an ordinary family car.

rv air condioner AC05


In the parking state, the on-vehicle air conditioner cannot be used for a long time, which will cause the carbon monoxide concentration in the car to exceed the standard and suffocation. In addition, the on-vehicle air conditioner has a poor cooling effect in the idling state. When the cockpit is connected to the residential area, the original car factory is generally equipped with a "rear air conditioning evaporator" to better ensure the cooling effect.

2. Parking air conditioner

As the name suggests, when the RV arrives at the destination, it borrows the air conditioner with a stable power supply after parking. According to the different installation positions, it can be divided into top-mounted air conditioners and bottom-mounted air conditioners; according to the function division, it can be divided into heating and cooling air conditioners and single refrigeration air conditioners; according to the type of air conditioners, it can be divided into household air conditioners and RV special air conditioners; Can be divided into 12V, 24V, 220V air conditioners.