What Is Parking Air Conditioning? What Is The Use Of Parking Air Conditioner?

- Aug 17, 2020-

The parking air conditioner is an air conditioner that does not require a separate generator and can directly use the on-board battery DC power supply to make the air conditioner run continuously. It is a more energy-saving and environmentally friendly electric air conditioner.

A parking air conditioner is an air conditioner that can work on a battery even when parking. Compared with the traditional car air conditioner, the parking air conditioner does not need to rely on the power of the vehicle engine, which can greatly save fuel and environmental pollution.

parking air conditioner F680

How to use parking air conditioner:

1. After exposure to the sun, open the windows and dissipate heat quickly. Before getting on the car, open all the windows or doors to dissipate the heat first, then open the glass, and open the sunroof with sunroof for a while to dissipate the heat. If you close the windows, you will feel that the air conditioning is much better.

2. When using the air conditioner, the internal and external circulation should be used in turn

Air conditioners generally have internal and external circulation switches. When external circulation is used, the air conditioner enters the air from outside the car, while the internal circulation is the circulation of air inside the car. The internal circulation can improve the air conditioning effect, which is equivalent to re-cooling the cold indoor air, and the air conditioning effect is of course better. When using the air conditioner to defrost and remove fog, the external circulation is effective.