What Is Heating System For Parking

- May 17, 2017-

  Parking heating :

  Parking heating is a small combustion cycle heating system independent of the engine,by burning the fuel in the car to heats the water in the tank,so that the car and the engine can be heated without starting the car.This system is widely used in cars, buses, engineering vehicles, yachts and other fields.

   The working principle of the parking heater:Draw a small amount of fuel from the tank to the combustion burner of the parking heater,after burning by the glow plug,the combustion burner is connected with the coolant pipe of the water tank,the heated coolant is circulating in the vehicle,after through the warm air radiator, the car is heated, while the engine is preheated.The whole process neither need to start the vehicle nor the engine .In general, heating for 20 minutes allows the car is already warm up, the engine is fully preheated, and the snow on the windows will be melted.Depending on the size of the heater, the amount of fuel needed to heate one time from 0.2 litres to 0.3 litres.

  Applicable range of parking heating system:

  The parking heater can be used as gasoline or diesel fuel, can use all kinds of cars, off-road vehicles, passenger cars, trucks or special vehicles for long-term outdoor work, such as police, patrol car etc.. Large parking heaters can be used in large carriers such as yachts, and are widely used.


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