What Are The Advantages Of The Diesel Air Parking Heater Over LPG?

- Apr 10, 2017-

Diesel vs LPG Heaters:

  Precise temperature adjustment and set point temperature control. Current LPG heaters run a single speed fan turning on and off as required by the thermostat. Because of this, LPG heaters never maintain a constant temperature. By using a microprocessor to control combustion and air flow (variable speed fan), Our air heaters can maintain a constant set point room temperature (+/- 0.5c). This means you can set and forget your preferred temperature and the heater will maintain it even if the outside temperature changes.


  Diesel air heater and LPG heaters are regarded as safe appliances. Both have auto shutdown when system temperature exceeds design spec. The obvious advantage of diesel over LPG are combustion and inhalation risks. A leaking LPG fuel line can result in explosion, permanent respiratory and nervous system damage, and even death. Although these risks can be minimized through annual LPG system inspections and gas detectors, these risks can never be eliminated. A Diesel system does not have these risks. On fault detection systems shut down the heater unit and fuel supply (diesel pump). Because a diesel system fuel line is mounted externally there are also no inhalation and or pressurised gas leak risks.