What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Parking Air Conditioners?

- Aug 21, 2020-

1. Overhead air conditioner

The overhead air conditioner is generally installed outside the car, and the internal unit is on the top of the car.


(1) Space saving: The overhead air conditioner only needs to be installed on the top of the RV and will not occupy the space in the RV.

(2) Earthquake resistance: Because the overhead air conditioner is specially designed for motorhomes, it has strong shock resistance.

(3) There are many air outlets: usually installed in the middle of the vehicle, because there are air outlets all around, the air will be very uniform and rapid, and the temperature will drop quickly.


(1) Height limit: The outdoor unit of the overhead air conditioner will generally increase the height of the RV by 20cm-30cm. When encountering the height limit bar, pay more attention to whether it can pass. Before buying, measure the height of the body and add the overhead air conditioner. Height, choose the RV that you think fits.

(2) Restrictions on working conditions: Due to technical limitations, the operating temperature of some RVs with rooftop air conditioners is between 4°C and 43°C, that is, if the temperature is lower than 4°C and higher than 43°C, it will not work and turn on normally. .

(3) High price: The price of overhead air conditioners is generally between 8000-12000 yuan.

parking air conditioner AC10

2. Bottom air conditioner

Bottom-mounted air conditioners are generally hidden under the bed in the RV or under the deck sofa.


(1) Not occupying space: Installed in a hidden place, such as under the sofa or under the bed.

(2) You can design the air outlet according to your own needs, and you can design it according to the specific space of your RV.


(1) Noisy: Because the bottom air conditioner will be installed under the bed or sofa and other furniture, there may be some noise.

(2) The air inlet of the RV air conditioner is low. If it encounters water on the road, it may affect or damage the air conditioner.

(3) Restrictions on working conditions: Due to technical restrictions, some bottom air conditioners will not start working normally when the temperature is lower than 4℃ and higher than 43℃.

(4) The price is relatively high.

parking air conditioner AC10

3. Household air conditioners and special air conditioners for motorhomes


(1) Flexible installation: The split unit has two parts, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The installation is flexible and the installation location can be selected independently.

(2) Low noise: The home air conditioner itself is small, and the air conditioner is outside the car.

(3) The price is lower: Generally, the price of a household split air conditioner with a smaller one or one horse is only two or three thousand yuan.


(1) Weight: The occupied space and weight of household air conditioners are relatively large.

(2) Weak seismic performance: The seismic level of the household air conditioner design does not meet the requirements of vehicle driving. After long-term use, the components of the air conditioner will loosen and deform during vehicle driving, which may cause safety hazards.

The special air conditioner for motorhomes is specially designed for mobile motorhomes. It is specially designed to avoid driving vibration and impurity intrusion to ensure safety. The disadvantage is that it is noisy and consumes electricity.

4. Low voltage air conditioner and 220V air conditioner

Although 12V and 24V parking air conditioners use electricity more safely, they require a lot of current and require very high battery capacity. The 220V parking air conditioner can be connected to the mains when parking in the camp, but in the absence of an external power supply, it can rely on a large-capacity battery and inverter for a short time, and it needs to be used with a generator for a long time.