Webasto Phone Controller Of 5kw Water Parking Heater Is Online

- Nov 06, 2020-

  When the cold winter is coming, the cold wind is freezing, and the sleepy riders have to go downstairs and turn on the parking heater in the car, so that the cab can be warmer when you leave the car, and you can be more comfortable when you work, and send your children to school It’s warmer when you travel, and it’s more convenient when you travel. Although the heater heats up quickly and the heat is high, compared to the cold car seat, frosted glass, and frozen hand steering wheel, it is a product that can remotely control the heater with a mobile phone in advance. It is especially important to the us!

phone controller 06.jpg


The following is the mobile APP interface:

APP display1.jpg

APP display2.jpg

APP display3.jpg

APP display4.jpg

  Although the mobile phone remote platform has the function of controlling the heater, the traditional manual operation switch is indispensable, because the mobile phone consumes electricity quickly in winter, and it is easy to shut down without power, and in some remote areas it is also prone to the phenomenon that the mobile phone has no signal. In this case, the heater cannot be adjusted and turned on and off without a traditional manual switch. Therefore, our heater still has a traditional manual switch, which is normally installed in the cab, and the mobile phone has no power and no signal. When the time, you can easily operate.

phone controller 01.jpg