South Wind Water And Air Integrated Heater Is Your Best RV Partner

- Sep 22, 2020-

South Wind water and air integrated heater is your best RV partner

One device, two functions

In the cold winter, people need to keep warm and RVs also need to be protected. Nowadays, RV owners in the north have begun to maintain their RVs. For some RV owners, they hope to experience a more stylish RV life no matter what the weather, and this is inseparable from a weapon—— All-in-one heater.

Whether it is a self-propelled RV or a trailer-mounted RV, a heating system is required. The water and air integrated heater produced by our company is the most comfortable heating device for the RV. It can provide warm air and hot water with one piece of equipment, and has been adopted by the majority of RV users to provide car owners with a safe, comfortable and convenient life and travel needs.


Product advantages

Double the comfort:

Only one device is needed for vehicle heating and hot water supply.

1. Almighty: can operate gas and diesel, electric or mixed mode;

2. Convenience: It can be combined with air conditioner to realize automatic temperature control;

3. High efficiency: taking into account self-sufficiency and low energy consumption

4. The whole adopts a plastic and die-cast aluminum mixed structure, which is lightweight, energy-saving, compact in structure, and has a heating efficiency of 97%. A 10L stainless steel water tank is uniformly heated. Equipped with a fan with adjustable power, controlled by an electric control panel, low power consumption.

application 1

RV is a kind of cozy culture,

RV is a leisure way of life,

RV, you can experience the scenery along the way.

South Wind water and air integrated heater is a smart heater focusing on RV life, bringing more convenience and comfort to your life.