Warm Air Heater.

- Dec 21, 2017-

Warm air heater is completely independent of the car's own heating system, on the one hand it absorbs cold air inside or outside the car to heat, on the other hand then heated hot air back into the car.

Its main has the following advantages:

(1) air heater Heater inhalation of the car or outside the cold air, heated to the cab or other hot space.

(2) the use of volatile technology, the ceramic ignition plug will be heated to evaporate the fuel gas, rapid ignition, full combustion.

(3) The use of advanced automatic control technology, with reliable protection of abnormal conditions.

(4) rapid indoor air heating, noise less than 60 dB; install muffler, the noise is less than 55 dB.

(5) fuel-efficient, energy-saving, can be randomly set the demand temperature (10 ℃ -40 ℃).

(6) You can use gasoline, diesel, kerosene as a fuel.

(7) boot the whole monitoring, user-friendly design, flashing light indicates the heater operating conditions.

(8) small size, installation, dismantling convenient, can be used for any model.

(9) -45 ℃ above can be reliably started, through the military standard radio disturbance monitoring.

(10) Air-heated heater exhaust emission meets Euro V engine emission requirements.