Tips For Choosing And Using RV Air Conditioners

- Mar 01, 2021-

Tips for choosing and using RV air conditioners

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the air-conditioning system in the RV starts to work and provides a comfortable temperature.

There are two options for installing the RV air conditioning system.

air conditioner for RV

1. The overhead air conditioning system is installed on the roof of the vehicle, saving storage and living space.


2. The bottom air-conditioning system can be installed under the sofa deck, storage space or rear compartment. It is not only easy to fix, but also light in weight. Another advantage of the bottom air conditioner is that through the air duct arrangement system, the cold air can be delivered to the place you want accurately.


The air-conditioning system of the RV requires a certain amount of electrical energy. Through an inverter, the 12-volt on-board battery can be converted into an AC voltage of 220 volts. Some air-conditioning systems of the RV can also be used while driving.


Use suggestions:

• When purchasing, pay attention to the matched AC generator and inverter power. The working power of Truma air conditioner is only more than 900 watts, which can be satisfied by using a 1000W sine wave inverter alone.


• Electrical appliances such as induction cookers and air conditioners all require high-power power sources. Therefore, you should find out whether the destination camp has enough power supply and which electrical appliances can be driven by the inverter at the same time before departure.

• Avoid opening doors and windows unnecessarily: that would have to cool the hot air again.

• If the vehicle is in the sun, it should be ventilated first to exhaust the hot air from the vehicle.

• The RV is parked in the shade of a tree or shade, and the air conditioner can cool down more quickly.

• Even if modern air-conditioning systems work quietly, you should still consider that neighbors camping around will not be disturbed.

• A large amount of water condensed in the air must be discharged during the cooling process. Therefore, you should regularly check whether the condensate drain hole is unblocked.


• Filter care: The integrated indoor air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly, and it is recommended that it be once a year.

• Avoid parking on a slope when the air conditioner is running. Otherwise, the compressor will not be able to realize the complete circulation of the coolant, causing operation failure.