Things That We Should Care About To Ensure Longevity Of Our FJH Air Parking Heaters

- Aug 23, 2020-

    1. If the heater does not start after being switched on:

        Switch the heater off and on again.

    2. If the heater still does not start, check whether:

        There is fuel in the tank?
        The fuses are OK?
        The electrical cables, connections etc. are OK? 

        Anything is clogging the combustion air supply or exhaust system?

    3. Switch the heater off once a month for about 10 minutes, even outside the heating period.

    4. Before the heating period starts, the heater should undergo a trial run.

    5. If persistent extreme smoke develops, unusual burning noises or a clear fuel smell can be perceived or if  electric / electronic parts heat up, the heater must be switched off and put out of service by removing the fuse.

    6. In this case, the heater should not be started up again until it has been checked by qualified staff who have been trained on Eberspächer heaters.

    7. Check the openings of the combustion air supply and exhaust system after longer standstill periods, clean if necessary!