Auto Car Air Conditioner Repair Coups

- Aug 12, 2020-

1. Turn on the air conditioner after sufficient power

The biggest difference between car air conditioning system and home air conditioning system is that the energy source is different. The source power of car air conditioning comes from the engine system. Even if the summer is scorching, it is absolutely impossible to start the vehicle and turn on the air conditioner immediately. Such operation not only damages the engine and the air-conditioning compressor, but also does not bring rapid cooling in the car.

The really correct way is to open the door to ventilate the car that has been exposed to the sun, and then lower the window. After the hot air has dissipated, start the engine and drive for a period of time before turning on the air conditioner.

car air conditioner C200/F200

2. Choose high-quality and reliable air conditioning filter elements

In order to save money, the old drivers always took out the air-conditioning filter element to blow the dust and then used it. In recent years, the air quality problem has been paid attention to, and everyone is no longer ambiguity in choosing the air-conditioning filter element.

The air-conditioning filter element is the first line of defense for outside air to enter the car. It can effectively filter dust and large particles. In areas with poor air quality, the time required to replace the air-conditioning filter element is shorter, and high-quality materials must be selected. of. For example, you can filter the PM2.5 level and add anti-bacterial ingredients to build the first layer of protection.

car air conditioner C300/F300

3. Don't fall into the routine maintenance inspection

If you want a car to accompany you for a long time and reduce the probability of failure, routine maintenance and inspection are the key, and the air conditioning system will always have insufficient cooling capacity. At this time, you need to go to the 4s shop to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle system before the arrival of summer every year, and appropriately replace refrigerants such as 134a to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle's air conditioning system.

In general, whether you are an experienced driver or new driver, if you want a cool summer, remember these three points to ensure that your car air conditioner will serve you hard work.