The Working Principle Of Car Air Conditioner

- Dec 24, 2020-

The working principle of car air conditioner

Adjust the direction of the air outlet at will. Some car owners do not pay attention to adjusting the direction of the air conditioner when using the air conditioner, which is not conducive to the effect of the air conditioner. According to the principle of sinking cold air and rising hot air, the correct approach should be to set the air outlet upward when turning on the air conditioner and downward when turning on the heater.

The air conditioner is on for a long time. Some car owners often turn on the air conditioner after getting in the car, but long-term use of the air conditioner will cause excessive condenser pressure, which will cause loss of the refrigeration system, because the air conditioner is a heavy burden on the engine, and the engine itself is a heat source Body, let alone in high temperature weather. Some small-displacement cars may even boil in this case, which affects driving and reduces the efficiency of air conditioning. Therefore, each time you use the air conditioner should not be too long. If the temperature in the car has reached a comfortable temperature, you can turn off the air conditioner and turn it on again after a while.

Do not smoke in the car with the air conditioner on. Because of smoking in the cabin, the smoke can not be discharged at once, irritating the eyes and respiratory system, which is not good for health. If you smoke, the air conditioning and ventilation control should be adjusted to the "exhaust" position to make the smoke in the cabin be discharged outside the car.

Do not rest or sleep for a long time in a parked car with air-conditioning on. Due to the well-sealed car, when the car is stopped, the cabin has poor ventilation. If the air conditioner is turned on at this time to rest or sleep, it is likely that the CO gas discharged from the engine will leak into the car and cause poisoning or even death.

Try not to use car air conditioners when driving at low speeds. When traffic jams are encountered while driving, do not run the engine at a higher speed in order to improve the performance of the air conditioner, as this will adversely affect the service life of the engine and the air conditioner compressor.

Turn off the heat before turning off the air conditioner. Some car owners often think of turning off the air conditioner after the engine is turned off. This is harmful to the engine, because the engine will start with the load of the air conditioner when the vehicle is started next time. Such a high load will damage the engine. Therefore, the air conditioner should be turned off and then turned off after each parking, and the air conditioner should be turned on after the vehicle has been started for two to three minutes and the engine has been lubricated.