The Parking Heater Is Controlled By The Mobile Phone To Warm Up The Car Correctly.

- Sep 22, 2020-

The parking heater is controlled by the mobile phone to warm up the car correctly.


1. Parking heater, screwdriver, voltmeter, electric pen

2. Car engine, mobile butler, remote start, mobile phone hot car system, software, mobile phone card, APP, special car wiring harness, wiring-free docking terminal, sensor

3. Car OBD terminal receiving module transmitting module fast GSM module GPS module PKE module

mobile phone controller

mobile phone controller


1. Determine the installation position of the mobile phone hot car system: remove the decorative panel at the lower end of the instrument panel, and determine the installation position of the system host, sensor, PKE, receiving module and other components (must meet the installation guidance requirements)

2. Check the line: find out the line that needs to be connected in the installation circuit diagram, the corresponding terminal is plugged in, no wiring, when the system is connected to the original car terminal, pay attention to turn off the power, use a voltmeter, check the error, and finally connect the power Ground.

mobile phone controller

mobile phone controller

3. Wiring: When a circuit is tested, mark it and connect it under the premise of ensuring that it is correct to avoid wrong connection. Wiring requirements: tightly connect the joints, avoid virtual connections, and wrap them up with insulating tape or special wire clips. This process is the most important step in the entire installation process. If the connection is wrong, the smart car control system of the mobile butler mobile phone cannot be used at the slightest, and the components in the car will be burnt, making the vehicle unable to use normally, or even causing a fire.



4. Install the system host: After all the above wiring connections are completed, confirm the final confirmation according to the installation wiring diagram, and connect the negative power of the system (grounding wire) after it is correct. It is best to find a set of iron screws to connect this line. All wiring harnesses are wrapped up. Connect the system host. Insert the prepared phone card into the slot of the system host and turn on the power switch built into the SIM card

5. Test: First use the phone or landline to set the phone operation of the system host according to the phone operation content of the manual: bind the user to control the phone code. Then carry out the test, demonstrate all the functions, and confirm that they are correct. Fix all system components in a hidden place in the car; restore the dismantled car interior parts. Finally, test the whole machine and complete the installation process after it is correct.