The Development History And Direction Of Automobile Air Conditioning

- Jan 03, 2018-

    As in previous years the auto industry, especially the rapid growth of the cars, auto parts industry has been rapid development, auto air conditioning as improve vehicle ride comfort is an important component has been recognized by the majority of automobile manufacturing enterprises and consumers, and ends in August 2013, in the domestic, domestic car air-conditioning unit rate is close to 100%, on the other models of gear ratio is also increased year by year, steam car air conditioning unit has become plays a decisive function in car parts.

    In 2011, China's car output was 1841.89 million, up 0.84 percent year on year. Sales volume was 1850.51 million units, up 2.45% year on year. In the first half of 2012, the economic slowdown, auto incentives launched and more detailed measures, the influence of such factors as the national auto market downturn inertia effect by the previous year, production and sales continue to show weakness, prices are falling. From January to August 2012, China achieved 12.47.03 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 5.19%. Vehicle sales reached 1247.47 million, an increase of 4.10% year on year, and the growth momentum began to slow down. It is expected that the production and marketing gap will widen further in the future. The increase in inventory will be greater than that of demand recovery, and the overall supply will still be in a slightly more relaxed market pattern.

    The rapid development of auto industry in China has also led to a sustained surge in demand for the domestic automobile air conditioning market. According to the data, in 2011, the market size of China's automobile air conditioning market is about rmb6 billion. In 2012, China's automobile air conditioning market is expected to reach 6.9 billion RMB, an increase of about 15 per cent year on year.

    In China as the world's main air compressor production base, in recent years, benefit the national economy and the rapid development of automobile industry, car air-conditioning industry in China has also made rapid development.

   So far, our country has basically formed the efficience, form a complete set of large, medium and small production of vehicle's air conditioning system, with the annual capacity of 500-6 million sets of car air conditioning, medium and heavy auto air conditioning 400000 sets, 200000 sets of production capacity of bus air conditioning, not only can fully meet the needs of the development of China's automobile industry, some companies have the ability to enter the international market.

   Despite the huge potential of China's automobile air conditioning market, there are serious challenges. The price of raw materials in the world has brought enormous cost pressures to the industry. On the product side, the air conditioning production of goods vehicles and some special vehicles is less, and the market demand is not satisfied. In terms of technology, the development trend of energy conservation and environmental protection presents new challenges to the industry. With the vigorous development of China's automobile industry, the consumers will be more pay attention to the safety of the car, stability, comfort, and entertainment, auxiliary, energy conservation and emissions reduction, some more accord with energy conservation, environmental protection requirements of the new type of car air conditioning products will be more popular; In the aspect of technology development, automobile air conditioning will be developed in the direction of environmental air conditioning, green air conditioning, small-scale energy-saving, comfort and automation.