The Best Way To Save Money---Auto Air Conditioning System AC05/AC09/AC10/AC12

- Apr 23, 2018-

Want to significantly reduce your fuel costs and keep your drivers comfortable when driving the vehicles? 

The Hot Products---AC05/AC09/AC10/AC12 of New High Auto Radiator Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will supply the highest performing air conditioning systems in the world. Built with innovative features and technology, it’s the perfect fit for your cabin, van, minibus, van and medium bus and drivers.

1. Strong cooling power and fuel costs saving-designed with the strongest cooling power. It creates a comfotable cabin for drivers without idling, letting drivers enjoy the free cooling.

2. Longer working hours-- makes it available to acquire the longer working hours while engine-off.

3. European fashionable styled streamline appearance.

4. Special for Ford, Fiat, Renault, VW, IVECO etc Van, ambulance vehicles and truck cabin.

5. More cooling capacity, more cooling air, low noise.

6. Pro-active service, reasonable price, and long life products.