The Benefits Of Installing A Parking Heater

- Sep 01, 2020-

In winter, it is very difficult to solve the problem of engine damage caused by cold starting. Cold weather not only accelerates engine wear, cold start also increases the load on the battery, as well as the icy compartment, the snow-covered window glass... These problems can be solved with the parking heater of the Billifords. The parking heater is an independent fuel heating system. It can preheat the engine for your car without starting the engine, thereby eliminating and avoiding cold starts, reducing engine wear and extending its service life.

4kw diesel water and air integrated heater

4kw diesel water and air integrated heater

Generally speaking, in winter, the car is started first, the car is warmed up for a few minutes, and the car becomes warm before driving. Or use a non-independent auxiliary heater or electric auxiliary heater to preheat the car. These methods have some shortcomings. For example, the car may not be able to start, it can never exceed the first ten minutes of cold, and so on. The parking heater has almost no disadvantages, and warming up the engine in advance can also reduce exhaust emissions and improve fuel efficiency. Moreover, it is economical to use a parking heater. When heating one, only about a quarter liter of gasoline is consumed.

4kw diesel water and air integrated heater


With parking heater. Not only can you save an expensive garage rental fee, but you can also enjoy the warm cabin. Even in the hot summer, you can turn on the ventilation device to deliver cool breeze to the car. Why not do it?

Use tips:

Start the parking heater 30 minutes before driving, and start the car air conditioner after the car is started, which can be started by the wireless phone controller and timer;

Benefit: Avoid cold start and extend engine life.

When parking and resting, turn off the car engine and start the parking heater;

Benefits: safety, reduced emissions and possible exhaust gas inhalation.