The Advantages Of Parking Heater Is Not Just Heating! !

- Jan 11, 2018-

In the past: shivering in cold, shaving ice, heat buildup and stove-like heat

Now: Have a pleasant room temperature at any time, without having to pay a high price!

Window defrosting ice how convenient? ? ? ! ! !

The past: go out in the early morning, braved the cold scrape the frost on the glass.

Now: Easily Start a New Beauty Day. Wake up in the morning, you can be happy looking forward to entering a warm car.

With  parking heater, you do not need to scrape cream deicing, there is a clear vision on the car. Dangerous moisture condensation does not occur and the inner glass does not re-freeze.

Refused to cold in winter, summer refusal to heat how to do? ? ? ! ! !

When your neighbor scrapes and de-ices his car in the winter, you've already stepped straight into the car that was preheated by  heater. The interior of the car is a pleasant temperature from where you get on the train. Frozen fingers, shaking cold, cold feet and seats have become the past. Scrape cream and de-icing, hinder your driving thick coat, all you can save. In contrast, in summer, parking heaters blow ambient air into the parked cars, eliminating the heat buildup inside the vehicle, leaving the stove-like high temperature untoward.

Engine wear serious how to do? ? ? ! ! !

As we all know, every cold start the car, will give the engine wear. Yu Sheng parking heater can protect the engine, eliminate cold start, reduce wear and tear, thereby reducing the number of maintenance and maintenance.