The Accuracy Of The Assembly Process Of The Air-heated Parking Heater

- Nov 30, 2020-

The accuracy of the assembly process of the air-heated parking heater

I believe that everyone has a certain knowledge and understanding of the parking heater. Winter is here. In order for everyone to better operate and use the parking heater, I will tell you the accuracy of the assembly process of the air-heated parking heater. The accuracy of this problem is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:

(1) Fitting accuracy

Refers to the mating quality and contact accuracy between mating surfaces, such as whether the mating method is clearance or interference, contact surface form and so on.

(2) Motion accuracy

Refers to the accuracy of the relative moving parts in the air heating heater in the direction of movement and relative speed, such as transmission accuracy and rotation accuracy.

(3) Position accuracy

Refers to the distance accuracy and mutual position accuracy between related parts in the air heating heater, such as the distance between the parts and the accuracy requirements, parallelism, various runout degrees, perpendicularity and coaxiality.

Under normal circumstances, the assembly accuracy of the air heater is guaranteed by the plus T accuracy of the relevant component parts. The machining accuracy of the parts is the basis for ensuring the assembly accuracy, and the assembly process is the method and means to ensure the assembly accuracy.