Taboo Of Use Of Car Heater

- Dec 18, 2017-

In our work, we can often see many applications of high-tech products, and parking heater is one of them. So what are the things we need to pay attention to during the process of using parking heater?

The first thing we need to know is that whenever we are going to use our parking heater in a safe area, we must not use a parking heater as a gas station, an oil tank area or a place where flammable gases are stored.

Secondly, the parking heater is wood, coal, granaries and other may form flammable gas or flammable dust where fuel or, these are not able to use the parking heater, in order to avoid the occurrence of fire, and avoid unnecessary accidents;

Finally, what we need to know is that the parking heater in order to make the surrounding air and environment safer, it is strictly forbidden to use the heater in the poorly ventilated area, or in a very closed place, so it is impossible to use the parking heater.

In addition, the use of the car heater can not be used in places over 85 degrees centigrade.