Spending A Comfortable Summer--New High Auto Air-Conditioning Systems

- Apr 20, 2018-

       The hot summer is coming soon, the temperature is getting higher and higher. The car is exposed to sunlight and the temperature in the car can be as high as 60°C or more. At this time, you must not want to drive your car. The seat is hot, the steering wheel is hot, and the air in your car is hot. So the auto air-conditioning system is necessary in summer. The auto air-conditioning system is mainly to give the driver a safe and comfortable driving environment, in fact, it is not affected by temperature, ensuring the owner's health and safety.

       The auto air-conditioning system of Cang Zhou New High Auto Radiator Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a best choice for you. We have there types auto air-conditioning systems, they are Mini Bus     Air-Conditioning System, DC Powered Air-Conditioning System and The Split Electric Air Conditioning System.

        Mini Bus Air-Conditioning Systems contain MINI BUS AC05, MINI BUS AC09/AC10 and MINI BUS AC12.

        DC Powered Air-Conditioning Systems include DC POWERED A/C DC16, DC POWERED A/C DC 20, DC POWERED A/C DC30.

        The Split Electric Air Conditioning Systems contain THE SPLIT ELECTRIC AIR CONDITIONING DC25.