Some Knowledge About Car Air Conditioners

- Aug 13, 2020-

Some Knowledge About Car Air Conditioners

The car air conditioner was invented by the American Pard in 1938. The price of the car was comparable to that of a car. Most people could afford a car but could not afford an air conditioner. But now the air conditioner is only standard equipment in a car, and it is inseparable from hot or cold weather. So how can we use air conditioners more reasonably?  

After being parked for a long time or exposed to the sun For a car parked for a long time, the air inside the closed car will become turbid, and the new car still contains harmful gases. Therefore, it is recommended to open the window and turn on the outer circulation before leaving the car, blow all the air in the car, and then Close the window and turn on the air conditioner to turn on the internal circulation. 

This is especially true for a car after exposure to the sun. When the temperature in the car is high, the air conditioner is turned on when you get on the car, and the temperature will drop very slowly, because the air conditioner cools the hot air far less quickly than it blows away. Therefore, you should blow away the sultry air before turning on the air conditioner, which saves time and fuel. By the way, I will teach you a trick to breathe in the car: just open the door and window of the co-driver, and then open and close the door of the main driver several times, and you can breathe in the car once in about 10 seconds. 

Use the refrigeration key correctly When the car's refrigeration equipment is running, moisture will be generated. Coupled with the sultry environment of the engine compartment, the air conditioner will produce moldy and sour odors over time. So remember to turn off the A/C in advance before turning off the flame, and then increase the air volume. At the same time, open the outer circulation to run for a few minutes, and dry the evaporator box and the air conditioner filter. There is no moisture in the pipe, and no peculiar smell will be produced. . In addition, if the air conditioner is turned off after the flame is turned off,