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- Nov 26, 2020-

Share good things-fuel heater

The air parking heater, as its name implies, uses air as a medium for heating.What is the biggest advantage of steam air heater? That is, small size, fast heating speed, and large heat generation. The size of the car air heater can be installed in the cab, outside the car box, and under the driver's seat.

Most parking heaters use flame-retardant shells and use temperature sensors. When the temperature is too high, it will stop heating and when the temperature is low, it can quickly heat up.

Heating speed block The heating speed of the car air heater is very fast. It takes about 15 minutes for the entire cab to reach a pleasant temperature, but before heating, it is recommended that you open the door to let the exhaust gas from the car exhaust. Ventilate the interior of the car, and then heat the interior of the car so that the air will be fresher.

air parking heater

When the car air heater is heated, the wind wheel is used to draw the wind from the outside into the cab and pass through the heat exchanger (the heat exchanger is aluminum products with high heat dissipation efficiency). The heat exchanger heats the wind, and the air is heated at the speed It quickly becomes fluid again, so the indoor heat is sufficient.

The heat of the car air heater mainly comes from the large amount of heat generated by the combustion of combustibles in the internal combustion chamber through the aluminum heat exchanger, which has a small heat loss and high utilization efficiency. The diesel is atomized in the internal combustion chamber, and the ignition plug itself heats to ignite the atomized diesel.

The car air heater has its own oil circuit system and does not compete with the car for power, so there is no need to worry about power loss leading to the car’s power supply. An independent oil circuit system is an effective guarantee for the heater power.

The parking heater is small in size and small in quality. It has high heat and fast heating speed. It has become the favorite of drivers