Selection Of Heater Type

- Sep 18, 2020-

Selection of Heater Type

    At present, there are more diesel heaters for trucks and special heaters for RVs.

   Air heating power usually has 2-5kw different products. For the small compartment space of a truck, one air outlet can satisfy the use;

   Plumbing heating generally uses high-power products of 5kw or above, because it is connected to the vehicle cooling system and uses the heat generated by the vehicle to provide heating during the vehicle. When parking the vehicle, it usually relies on the added heat sink for heat exchange to provide heating. Or hot water, so it is greatly affected by the material of the heat sink, the heat dissipation area and the ambient temperature.

air and water combine heater

air and water combine heater

   The stability and continuity of the outlet temperature of the hot water system will also be subject to various factors. In addition, if the modified heater is connected to the vehicle cooling system, it needs to be installed with reliable technology. The driver should pay attention to the changes of driving parameters at any time to avoid leakage and cause cooling failure and cause the vehicle to break down.

   The truck heater is just like a component in the RV hot water heater. The limited heat exchange area and short length cannot send the combustion heat into the car sufficiently and quickly; if the metal heat sink is connected externally, it will cause the transmission Heat loss, the amount of heat that can be provided to heat the RV is bound to be limited, and the nominal heating power will also be greatly reduced.

air and water combine heater

structure of air and water combine heater

   The design of the RV dedicated all-in-one product fully takes into account the maximization of energy conversion, and scientifically designs the heat exchange area and length, so that all heat is used for heating in the car, so the heat utilization rate can reach up to 98%

  The RV heater also has a separate heater and heater and hot water integrated machine, which can be determined according to the space design and market positioning of the RV. The built-in water tank of the all-in-one machine is designed through intelligent simulation calculation to design a ring shaped container, so that the cold water is heated to form a circulation, and the heating speed and the uniformity of the heating mixture are guaranteed.

  The food-grade stainless steel water tank used can be used with confidence without worrying about hygiene.