Say No! To Cheap Vendors; Third Party Traders; Because It Is The Matter Of Life Safety

- Aug 21, 2020-

Hebei Nanfeng Automobile Equipment Group Co., Ltd is a pioneer OEM in the field of Parking Heaters, Bus Heaters and Air Conditioners. Striving for the last 30 years on defending the title of the largest Parking Heaters and Air Conditioner manufacturers, we have been triumphed to establish 6 manufacturing plants, tens of quality control testing departments and a team of top brass professionals, on our part. We produce everything from scratch and own our products in all possible ways.


Keeping in mind that usage of our parking heaters and air conditioners, around your loved ones and in your daily life, could be a life hazard in case of any mishaps, we came up with this absolute requirement of our work “No compromise on quality; whatsoever!”  


During the last 30 years, we have seen a lot of things prevailing in our local market. If we just recall a decade, this business of Parking Heaters has not been that much developed in China. But now, it has come so far. Now, you can easily get a Parking Heater from a cheap vendor or third-party traders at fairly low prices. That may look appealing but long things short, they could be a potential life hazard for your appliances and your loved ones.



Before thinking of buying a parking heater or air conditioner, please crosscheck the following prerequisites before finalizing your decision:


1.     Does your heater has passed or certified for any quality standard tests?

2.     Does your heater truly compatible to your intended needs?

3.    Whether your heater has got all the compatible spare parts and installation kit in the packaging? As otherwise it would be trouble for you to arrange exactly compatible parts to avoid any accident.

4.     Are you getting any warranty claims?

5.    Are there any after sales services that you could avail? As a matter of fact, you may need some technical assistance on longer runs, unless otherwise you are a techie geek.


If you buy your heaters or air conditioners from us, we are bound to assure you all the above things. That outstands our products from others and that is the reason our parking heaters are now the backbone of Russian parking heaters and other selling brands around the world.

Stay tuned for more updates and use your right by asking all your possible FAQs, that why you must choose our heaters or air conditioners, in case you are not clear yet!