RV-fuel Heater

- Feb 05, 2021-

RV-fuel heater

In winter, the temperature in most areas is below 0°C, while the temperature in individual countries or regions is above -35°C. As we all know, cold start of motorhomes can easily cause wear and tear of engine parts and shorten service life. So how to make your beloved RV survive the long winter, here is a necessary equipment for RV-fuel heater.

Function 1: Warm up the engine to achieve instant start

1. Reduce losses and prolong service life: Under low temperature conditions, frequent starting of the engine will easily lead to battery loss and wear and tear of engine parts; fuel heaters can help the engine to achieve a one-time ignition success, and play a dual protection for the engine and the battery effect.

2. Warm up in advance, it is more economical to use; under normal circumstances, car owners will start the car first, preheating for 3-5 minutes, which will increase car fuel consumption invisibly. The heater can preheat the engine when the flame is off, reducing wear and tear and saving fuel. Experiments show that the fuel heater consumes only about one-fifth of a liter of fuel when used for one hour.

water parking heater working princple

Function two: driving and parking heating air source, use anytime and anywhere

1. Ultra-low noise is more environmentally friendly: Compared with the overhead air conditioner of the motorhome, the fuel heater has lower noise, ensuring that the motorhome life is not disturbed by noise.

2. Independent use is more convenient: the overhead air conditioner not only requires continuous external power supply, but also is affected by various environmental factors such as rain and snow. The fuel heater can be used independently without being affected by the external environment.

Function 3: Heating domestic water, safe, convenient and comfortable

1. Safety: Electric heaters and gas water heaters installed on traditional RVs are prone to leakage of electricity and gas during use, which poses safety risks. The fuel heater realizes the cooling and heating conversion through the "over water heating" device, and there is no safety hazard.

2. Convenience: The fuel heater is equipped with a one-button start device, which is convenient and quick to operate, and can quickly reach 60°C in a very short time.

3. Comfort: After installing a fuel heater, hot water can be supplied in all seasons in the RV, and you can enjoy it wherever you go.