Parking Heater Usage Considerations

- Feb 18, 2017-

1, liquid fuel heaters only use diesel as fuel for vehicles. (YJH-Q5B the available gasoline, need special note)

2, line valve must be opened before using the heater, ensure that the liquid in the pipe can loop, while filled with antifreeze, or pump dry will produce heat, cause damage to the water seal parts.

3, prohibit the use of vehicle main power switch off the heater to prevent overheating damage within the host.

4, the circulatory system include the cooling liquid must be antifreeze, meet the vehicle operating temperature requirements to prevent radiator rust and water spots.

5, the circulatory system when filling the cooling liquid, you must first open the heater plug screw (on the heater inlet pipe) and pipe valve valve in particular heater vent plug when there is no gas out, close the vent plug (valve), turn the pump switch, continue to raise, until the system is full of coolant medium so far.