Parking Heater That Extends Engine Life By More Than 30%

- Aug 31, 2020-

The weather is getting colder and colder. Think about rushing into the car with the cold wind every day, start the car and turn on the warm air. You have to sit still for a few minutes to feel the warmth. Especially for the riders in the north, the temperature in the car may be below minus at 20 degrees Celsius at home. When they think about going downstairs to pick up the car, they will be in the pain of imminent punishment. When entering the car, they still have to wait for the water temperature to slowly climb....... Driving in winter is really cruel, do you want to be surrounded by warmth and happiness as soon as you enter the car?

The magic weapon for warming up cars in winter, parking heater!

1. What the hell is the parking heater?

It is an on-board heating device independent of the car engine. It heats the coolant in the water tank by burning the fuel in the car to achieve a device that can heat the interior and the engine without starting the car.

The working principle is to use the battery and fuel tank of the vehicle to provide instant power and a small amount of fuel, and to heat the circulating water of the engine through the heat generated by burning gasoline to make the engine hot start, and at the same time heat up the cab.

The parking heater can use gasoline or diesel as fuel, and at the same time, depending on the size of the heater, the amount of fuel required for one heating varies from 0.2 to 0.3 liters.

2kw 12v air parking heater

2kw 12v air parking 

2. How does the parking heater operate so that we can enjoy the warmth as soon as we enter the car?

One is to start it regularly.

The second is to use a dedicated remote control to start from hundreds of meters away.

The third is to remotely turn on the mobile phone, which means that the parking heater can be turned on by sending a text message or making a call to the vehicle.

Imagine if we are in a low-temperature car, our mood is also driven, and it will affect driving seriously. There is also a lot of trouble in winter, which is that you can’t hit the car, and it takes a lot of effort to start the car. Not only are the water tanks frozen at such low temperatures also happen from time to time, which not only causes inconvenience to car owners, but also causes certain economic losses and other troubles. The parking heating system was born for this.

2kw 12v air parking heater

2kw 12v air parking 

3. Features of parking heater

(1)independent work: This heating system works independently of the engine. The entire process only needs to drive the coolant pump and air-conditioning blower with battery power. The engine does not participate in operation, which effectively protects the vehicle.

(2)High flexibility: The system can not only be turned on manually, but also can be turned on by timing, remote control, and mobile phone text messages or phone calls, with high flexibility.

(3)Convenient installation: In addition to the standard parking heater models, common mini-cars, small cars and SUV models can be retrofitted. Some model manufacturers will also provide optional services.

(4)Four-wide vehicle heating: Since the parking heater works by heating the coolant in the water tank, the engine is also heated when the temperature in the cabin is heated, eliminating the trouble of preheating after starting the vehicle in winter. Make the engine cold start wear lower.


One is that the parking heater can also solve the problems of defrosting, scraping snow, and wiping fog on the windows of the car owners in the north, avoiding the fetters of wearing heavy clothes, and there is no need to wait for entering the warm car. The car is away.

The second is that it can better avoid the wear and tear caused by the low temperature cold start to the engine.

The engine wear caused by a cold start is equivalent to a normal vehicle driving 200 kilometers, and 60% of the engine wear is caused by the cold start.

From this perspective, installing a parking heater can fully protect the engine and extend the service life of the engine by 30%.