Parking Heater Products

- Feb 18, 2017-

(1) there's no need to start the engine, engines and cars at the same time preheating ahead, let you open the door in winter and enjoy the warmth of home.

(2) the preheating for even more convenience, advanced remote control, timing system easily as car heats, the equivalent of having a vehicle warm.

(3) avoid cold starting the engine caused by wear and tear. Studies have shown that a cold start of the engine wear is equivalent to vehicles normal running 200 kilometers 60% of engine wear is caused by cold starts. Installing parking heaters to protect the engine fully, extend engine life by 30%.

(4) the addressing window defrost, plagued by blowing snow, and fog.

(5) environmental products, low emissions; Low fuel

(6) service life of 10 investment, a lifetime.

(7) the compact and easy to install. Easily maintain and replace their vehicles with demountable to new cars.

(8) in the summer can give the car conveying the cool clear, to slow the cars, one for many.