Parking Heater Makes Driving Easier

- Sep 08, 2020-

Parking heater makes driving easier

Parking heater is a kind of heating equipment with compact structure and simple installation independent of car engine. The increased safety of the parking heater allows the window vision to be protected from frost, and to drive lightly and safely. The car heater can keep the temperature inside the cabin while reducing fuel consumption, and the fuel consumption is only 1/20 of the engine idling fuel consumption. The parking heater is healthy and environmentally friendly, reducing about 60% of harmful emissions caused by cold start.


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The parking heater can effectively reduce the wear and tear caused by the cold start of the engine. According to calculations made by German heater companies, the maintenance of the cold start of the engine by the parking heater is equivalent to avoiding the car from traveling 70 kilometers at high speed The wear and tear. In addition, the parking heater can heat the cabin and defrost the front windshield, giving you a warm and comfortable driving environment and a clear driving vision as soon as you get in the car, ensuring your safety. At the same time, the fuel power of the parking heater follows the structural plan, and the fuel can be burned abundantly through atomized injection, reducing the cost of your fuel hot car.