Parking Heater Maintenance Method

- Feb 18, 2017-

1, heater operation after a period of time (according to use), you should unscrew the spark plug clean carbon deposits, such as ignition Sethe burn should be removed for a new spark plug.

2, if too much carbon, causing thermal efficiency decreases, should clean up the inner wall of water heat sinks and carbon deposits in the combustion chamber.

3, if it is found that the heater into the trachea exhaust pipe and drip tubing mud blocked, please clean up, dredge. Please keep the heater compartment the body clean, no place around flammable debris.

4, to ensure that fuel tank, fuel line and filter the oil solenoid valve clean to prevent dirt clogging oil.

5, heater system should adapt to the ambient temperature of antifreeze as the heating medium.

6, heater pump according to the user, checks on a regular basis, if you find seal seal parts leaking, or pump starting difficulties faults operation should be timely maintenance.

7, heater control box, oil solenoid on a host meal and other electric components can be maintained as a general method of low-voltage electrical maintenance, the performance parameters of the control box in the factory were manufacturers serious debugging, user do not alter.

8, to ensure the heat controls in general are in good state, checks on a regular basis, such as micro-switch failure or damage is found, please change.

9 the main motors, heaters and more use, under normal circumstances, 5,000 hours of use does not require maintenance, as a result of the use of time is too long or when other causes are not working properly, should be maintenance, check the carbon brush wear and bearing lubrication, add grease if necessary or replace the carbon brushes.

10, do not use the heater in the warm season periods, periodically start the 4--5, runs for about 5 minutes at a time, ensuring that heaters functioning during the next use.