Parking Heater Fault Analysis

- Feb 18, 2017-

No response after 1, boot

A, no power input. Measurement according to the circuit diagram heater power supply is normal, check the vehicle insurance and line-powered. Check the power supply, check the signal cable, check the ground wire.

B, thermocouples questions: thermocouple measurement at both ends, its resistance is 0 ohms. Reason: two lines connected to the shell of the thermocouple, ignition sensor caused the grounding.

2, indicator light problem

A, led is always lit. Possible bad control circuit, or ground didn't answer.

B, power led Flash

According to the heater indicator light flashing frequency control fault flashes fault code table position, repair or replacement of parts.

3, a heater, black smoke

A, carbon heater, clean carbon deposits.

B, nozzle or filter or fuel line clogged, clean or replace the appropriate parts.

Smaller c, pump pressure, back pressure and, if necessary, replace it.

4, the heater works, but repeated fires. Reason: hot even when heated in the furnace shell connections, causing ignition sensor short circuit, the controller think fire, need to replace the ignition sensor.

5, the heating effect is not obvious

For the heater to overheat, radiator, defrost is not hot. Reason: backwater too small; there are gases in the water circuit; hose was bending phenomenon; blocking a foreign body in the circulation line; pump fault; into the backwater valve does not open, the engine thermostat opens prematurely, identified maintenance is performed.