NF Gas Water Heater For Bus Is Coming

- Sep 23, 2020-

gas water heater for bus

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The YJT series gas heater is fueled by natural or liquefied gas, CNG or LNG, and has near-zero exhaust gas. Features automatic program control ensure safe and reliable operation. Patented product, originated in China.

The YJT series gas heater has multiple protective features, which includes a temperature sensor, overtemperature protection, decompressor and gas leakage detector. These devices ensure the heater's safety and reliability.

Its Lon probe sensor acts as ignition sensor, which is accurately calibrated.

The YJT series gas heater has 12 types of index signals, which can indicate heater faults. This makes the YJT series liquid heater safer and more convenient to maintain.

Suitable for preheating engine with a cold start and heating the passenger compartment in various types of gas-powered buses, passenger buses and trucks.