New Product Release: Top-mounted RV Air Conditioner

- Mar 15, 2021-

NFRTL2-135 top-mounted RV air conditioner 


low-profile,  stable operation, good noise level, lighter weight, smaller chassis

Overhead air conditioner for motorhome
Overhead air conditioner for motorhome

Technical parameter

ModelNFALP135, NFRTL2-135
Rated Cooling Capacity12000BTU
Rated Heat Pump Capacity12500BTU or optional Heater 1500W
Power Supply220-240V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz, 115V/60Hz
Compressorspecial shorter vertical rotary type, LG
SystemOne motor + 2 fans  
Inner frame material


Upper Unit Sizes788*632*256 mm
Net Weight31KG


The manufacturer of this air conditioner will not be responsible fbr damage caused by condensed moisture on ceilings or other surfaces. Air contains moisture and this moisture tends to condense on cold surfaces. When air enters the RV, condensed moisture may appear on the ceiling, windows, metal parts, etc. The air conditioner removes this moisture from the air during normal operation. Keeping doors and windows closed when this air conditioner is in operation will minimize condensed moisture on cold surfaces.